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Philippe POINSOT

Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Master 2 TM - Transport et Mobilité (Transport and Mobility).

Research Unit: Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport - LVMT.


Planning economics; Transport economics; Economic evaluation of public policies; Regional and local economic development; History of economic thought.


Philippe Poinsot's research focuses on the analysis of collective choices, particularly in the field of transport, and the economic tools and methods developed to assess and implement them.

During his thesis, his research was part of the History of Economic Thought and was devoted to the work of the engineer-economist Jules Dupuit, one of the authors at the origin of one of the methods that is widely used today to make collective choices: Cost-Benefit Analysis. The main challenge of this research was to clarify the normative foundations of this method, its articulation with the notion of general interest and to specify the place of cost-benefit analysis according to Dupuit in collective choices.

This research in the history of economic thought then developed into questions related to the evaluation, management and financing of natural monopolies (such as transport infrastructures) and collective goods (intellectual property, lighthouses, etc.) in Dupuit.

His research has also been complemented by work in the fields of planning economics, transport economics and territorial economics. They concern, on the one hand, the interactions between transport, daily mobility and territorial economic dynamics and, on the other hand, the methods of financing public services, particularly public transport.

His personal page on te website of the Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport - LVMT.

Some Publications:

- POINSOT Philippe (2020). “Jules Dupuit (1804–1866): Cost-Benefit Analysis and Collective Choices”, in BATEY Peter & PLANE David, Great Minds in Regional Science, Berlin, Springer International Publishing.

- DERAËVE Sophie & POINSOT Philippe (2020). "Quelles formes de valorisation des nœuds de transport ? Une analyse des liens entre programmation urbaine et valeur économique créée dans le cas des quartiers de gare", in Revue d'économie régionale et urbaine, 39-62.

- DERAËVE Sophie & POINSOT Philippe (2020). "La valorisation des nœuds de transport. Introduction au dossier", dans la Revue d'économie régionale et urbaine, 7-11.

- POINSOT Philippe, (2018). "Redistribution and indirect effects of transport policy and projects in Jules Dupuit’s thought", in BONNAFOUS Alain & ROTHENGATTER Werner, Jules Dupuit: Secret Origins of Modern Transportation Science, Transport Policy, vol. 70, 40-45.