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Training courses

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Studying at the EUP

The Paris School of Urban Planning (EUP) offers a wide range of training programs and is working in collaboration with many partners to give its students and trainees the ability to build their training journey comprehensively, based on the various evolutions of their professional careers. At the heart of this offer, the Master's degree in Urban Planning and Development allows students to consolidate their basic knowledge in urban planning during the first year (Master 1 - M1) and deepens their professional practice in general or in one specific theme during the second year (Master 2 - M2).

Three Reasons to Study at the EUP

  The transdisciplinarity and professionalization of its training offers:

The EUP offers innovative educational activities focused on transdisciplinarity and professional situations.

 International perspective:

Opening the EUP internationally is one of its major ambitions. Student mobility encouraged, more and more international partnerships, and an Master 2 specialized in international expertise.

 Professional integration after graduation:

The EUP follows developments in professional practice through regular integration surveys. One of the latest surveys (2020) revealed an employment rate of 87% of the 2017-2018 graduates (24 months after their graduation).

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Master in Urban Planning and Development

The Master in urban Planning and Development offers a complete training, leaning on the transversality of complementary disciplinary approaches and on an expertise on the required skills, today and in a timeframe of twenty years, in the professions of urban planning, and assistance in territorial dynamics.

This training gives initial and continuous training students the means to meet the contemporary and future urban challenges in a relevant and innovating way.

The purpose of the first year (M1) is to acquire a common base of knowledge and know-hows specific to the area of urbanism and urban planning to students coming from various academic departments and geographic areas.

For the second year (M2), the students choose one specialization course among the eight available.

École d'Urbanisme de Paris, Master Urbanisme et Aménagement

Organisation of the Master in Urban Planning and Development

The Master in Urban Planning and Development of the Paris School of Urban planning (EUP) is structured in two years. After a common first year (M1), the second year (M2) combines transversality and specialisation by offering nine specific programs.

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▪ An International Master fully taught in English

This International Master in Urban Planning and Urban Studies aims to prepare graduate students for work on urban planning and other urban policy issues in both international and domestic organisations requiring strong expertise in international and/or European urban issues.

▪ Educational Innovations

École d'Urbanisme de Paris, les innovations pédagogiques

Combine operational practice and scientific approach

The EUP offers innovative educational activities focused on transdisciplinarity and professional situations.

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▪ Internships

Supervised and approved by the EUP, internships are an essential part of the Master's Degree. Though they are optional in Master 1, they are mandatory in Master 2 (3 to 6 months) at the end of the training.

The professional integration support office (Bureau d’Aide à l’Insertion Professionnelle) aims to advise and support the students in their research for an internship and their entry into the professional life. It also updates the directory of former graduates.

With over 5,000 members, the EUP Network gathers EUP graduates, students and teachers, as well as over 2,000 companies in relation with urbanism.

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Internships at the EUP

More information about the internships at the EUP (including internships abroad).

Internships, EUP Network

Professional Integration After EUP

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Of graduates have permanent contracts

0 %

Employment rate of graduates, two years after graduation*

0 %

Have net monthly salary equal or above €1,800

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Are satisfied with their professional situation

*This survey was carried out by the Bureau d’aide à l’insertion professionnelle (Professional integration support office) in October 2020 with the 2017-2018 graduates (178 respondents out of 211 graduates surveyed. Response rate: 84%).

École d'Urbanisme de Paris, insertion professionnelle, les enquêtes

What became of EUP graduates?

The Paris School of Urban Planning closely follows up on the evolutions of professional practices through integration studies conducted 6 months and 24 months after graduation.

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