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Master in Urban Planning and Development - 1st Year

Master in Urban Planning and Development - 1st Year: induction days 2019. © École d'Urbanisme de Paris/Paris School of Urban Planning (EUP).


A common core of skills and knowledge in urban planning and development is provided in Year 1, while different tracks for in-depth professional training, along with a research path, are offered in Year 2.

Skills Acquisition and Second Year

▪ Professional Situations Workshops

In M1, the urban diagnostic workshop is designed to implement the tools and methods taught during the first semester. It consists in carrying out diagnostic studies of territories, in response to orders from EUP partner institutions.
→ More about the Educational Innovations at the EUP.

▪ Second Year

For their second year, students are intended to choose one of nine specializations offered.

▪ Studying Abroad

During the M1, you may go studying abroad in the second semester, provided that you choose a training course that is approved by the EUP. A cover letter specifying the academic project related to this international mobility must be included with the application on the 'eCandidat' portal.
→ More about the International Mobility.


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Programme Overview

Student Handbook - Master 1

Student Handbook - First year of the Master in Urban Planning and Development (Master 1). Academic Year 2021-2022.

Download (pdf, French)

Admissions: Requirements, Tuition Fees

Applications will be examined by a jury composed of members of the teaching staff. Admission is conditional upon the number of places available and on the candidate’s suitability in terms of the program’s objectives and prerequisites. If the disciplinary background is different from urban planning, the candidate will have to demonstrate his interest in urban planning issues.

▪ Required language level

C1 in French to follow the courses of M1.

▪ Required education level

The first year of Master (Master 1) is accessible to students with a Bachelor (three years of higher education) or a diploma recognized as equivalent.

▪ Tuition fees

The tuition fees for a Master program at the EUP are the French university tuition fees required by the Université Gustave Eiffel and the UPEC (approximately 260€ + 90€ CVEC).
Please note: Fees may vary for some non-EU students.
→ Please visit: and/or contact the International Relationships Office.

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Admissions: Processes and Calendars

Current and future students can apply through two specific portals, depending on the applicant's country of residence:
- Through eCandidat.
- Through Campus France (Etudes en France).
Please note: Deadlines vary depending on the portal.

Detailed information about eCandidat and Campus France (Études en France) is available on page International Candidates (section 'International').

Only online-applications through eCandidat or through Campus France (Etudes en France) respecting the admission calendar will be taken into consideration. E-mail applications and requests sent outside of the appropriate periods won’t be considered.

Admissions Calendar (for both Campus France and eCandidat applicants)

Academic Year 2022-2023: Due to the current worldwide circumstances with Covid-19, written tests and admission interviews for the admission in the 1st year (M1) are cancelled. Admission decisions will be based on the quality of the application file. Calendar remains otherwise unchanged. For the admission in the 2nd year (M2), both process and calendar remain unchanged.

Download Calendar (pdf)



▪ Internship during first year of Master (M1)

No Internship is mandatory during the first year of Master (M1). With a minimal duration of four weeks, it can begin in June, but must come to an end before the beginning of the second year (September).
→ More about internships at the EUP.  

▪ Contact

  • Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris (EUP) - Logo rouge

    Professional Integration and Carrer Support Office (Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelle - BAIP)

    +33 (0)1 71 40 80 38