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Professor, Co-Director of the École d'Urbanisme de Paris.

Research Unit: Lab'URBA.


History of mobility; Urban history; Transfers of transport systems; Long-term and contemporary issues in urban planning; Energy issues; Systemic approaches.

Research :

Arnaud Passalacqua is interested in the challenges of mobility in contemporary society by focusing on the systems they constitute, made up of material artefacts as well as imaginaries and knowledge, embedded in the long term of uses and materialities. He has thus worked on urban transport, bicycles and railways, with an approach crossing transport systems, in different geographical contexts and with the help of concepts that make it possible to question these technical systems: public space, transnational circulation, innovation, etc.

His personal page on the website of the Lab'URBA.

Some Publications:

  • FLONNEAU Mathieu, HURÉ Maxime et PASSALACQUA Arnaud (dir.), Métropoles mobiles. Défis institutionnels et politiques de la mobilité dans les métropoles françaises, Rennes, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2021.
  • PASSALACQUA Arnaud, "The carbon footprint of a scientific community: a survey of the historians of mobility and their normalized yet abundant reliance on air travel", dans The Journal of Transport History, vol. 42, issue 1, 2021, p. 121-141.