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Associate Professor.

Research Unit: Lab'URBA.


Commissioning of development operations; Land-related action; Legal, technical and financial tools of urban production.


Camille Gardesse's research focuses on welcoming politics and practices, including the processes and tools offered and applied to asylum seekers. Her research also focuses on the politics of relocation and mobility through housing, on cohabitation and on the trajectories, experiences and whereabouts of people relocated to small and mid-sized cities. More broadly speaking, Camille Gardesse studies the involvement of inhabitants in urban planning.

Her personal page on the website of the Lab'URBA.

Some Publications:

- GARDESSE Camille, 2021 (to be published), "Dispersion et invisibilisation de personnes exilées dans des villes petites et moyennes : ce que la spatialisation des CAO révèle des politiques migratoires et urbaines en France", in Revue Internationale des Migrations Européennes.

- GARDESSE Camille, LELÉVRIER Christine, 2020, "Refugees and Asylum Seekers Dispersed in Non-Metropolitan French Cities: Do Housing Opportunities Mean Housing Access?", dans Urban Planning, Vol 5, No 3. [URL : Last visited on: 2021.10.14]

- BABELS (collectif) [GARDESSE Camille et al.] (dir.), La police des migrants : filtrer, disperser, harceler, Lyon, Le passager Clandestin – Bibliothèque des frontières, 2019.