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Professor, Co-Director of the École d'Urbanisme de Paris.

Research Units: Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport - LVMT, LabEx Urban Futures.



Urban planning and development; Social, cultural and political geography of large cities; Uses, practices and representations of space; Public space, centrality, urbanity, territoriality; Pedestrian mobility and accessibility; Systemic, qualitative and comparative approaches; Geographical areas: Americas.


Jérôme Monnet's research focuses on the consideration of social uses and representations in the development of public spaces and in urban and transport policies. He is particularly interested in the analysis of the conditions for the development of active mobility, particularly pedestrian mobility, in partnership with local authorities and civil society actors.

His personal page on the website of the Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport - LVMT.

Some Publications

- MONNET Jérôme (2020). "Le confinement en croquis, vu de France. Géographie politique, sociale et culturelle du monde post-Covid19", in Cybergeo: European Journal of Geography. [URL : Last visited on: 2021.07.02]

- MONNET Jérôme (2019). "Marcher en ville : technique, technologie et infrastructure (s)low tech ?", in Urbanités, La ville (s)low tech. [URL : Last visited on: 2021.07.02]

- HUBERT Jean-Paul, MONNET Jérôme, PÉREZ LÓPEZ (2019). "Marche en ville : enjeux sociaux et politiques", in Espaces et sociétés, vol.179, no 4. [URL : Last visited on: 2021.09.20]