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Professor, Coordinator of the Master 2 Urbanisme et Expertise internationale, option 'Urbanisme et villes des Suds' (International Master in Urban Planning and Studies, track 'Urbanism & Cities of the Global South').

Research Unit: Laboratoire Techniques, Territoires et Sociétés – LATTS.


Policy, management and regulation of networked services - Urban governance and public action in cities of the South - Economic emergence, urbanisation and infrastructural transitions in the South - Energy, drinking water, waste in developing cities - Neoliberal policies, poverty and access to essential services.


Sylvy Jaglin's research focuses on the networked services of cities in the South (poor and emerging countries), particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. It combines the analysis of socio-technical changes and territorial public action in a perspective of comparative study of urban change. They have been developed along three main lines:
▪ Management and regulation of networked services: socio-technical approaches to cities in the South.
▪ Technical government of developing cities.
▪ Economic emergence, urbanisation and infrastructural transitions.

Her personal page on the website of the LATTS.
Her page on CCSD.

Some Publications:

  • JAGLIN S., 2023, “Urban Electric Hybridization: Exploring the Politics of a Just Transition in the Western Cape (South Africa)”, Journal of Urban Technology, 30:2, 11-33, DOI: 10.1080/10630732.2022.2111176 - VERDEIL E., JAGLIN S. (guest editors), 2023, Electrical hybridizations in cities of the South: from heterogeneity to new conceptualisations of energy transitions, Journal of Urban Technology,
  • RATEAU M., JAGLIN S., 2022, “Co-Production of access and hybridisation of configurations: a socio-technical approach to urban electricity in Cotonou and Ibadan”, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, 14:1, 180-195,;
  • De GOUVELLO B., JAGLIN S. (coords), 2021, Communs et services urbains : un croisement fructueux ?, Flux, n° 124-125 ;