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Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Diplôme Inter-Universitaire D-PRAUG – démarches de programmation (Architectural programming).

Research Unit: Lab'URBA.


Culture of public and private institutional stakeholders in urban development; Commercial and tertiary-sector urban planning; International construction of academic and professional fields in urban planning; History of urban planning.

Research :

Clément Orillard’s research focuses on the history of urban planning since 1945. More specifically on the emergence and the transnational construction of the discursive and practical fields of Urban Design, both in the USA and in the UK. His research also focuses on the construction of the urban planning and development sector in France, with its effects on the contemporary metropoles.

His LinkedIn page.

Some Publications:

- ORILLARD Clément, 2021, "The anniversaries of the Ecole d’urbanisme de Paris (1919–1969–2019)", in Planning Perspectives. [URL:]

- ORILLARD Clément et al., 2019, "Complexity and Contradiction: In Memoriam Robert Venturi", in Planning Perspectives. [URL:]

- ORILLARD Clément, 2014, "The transnational building of urban design: Interplay between genres of discourse in the Anglophone world", in Planning Perspectives, no 29 (2). [URL:]